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Do acts of Love cause your eyes to tear up?
How often do you muscle test?
I've never muscle tested anything

David R. Hawkins

Dr. David Hawkins - Power vs Force

Dr. Hawkins love of God inspired me to create Level of Consciousness.com. This site was created for You because the Truth is everyones treasure.
This journey began from my studies of Dr. David R. Hawkins work, Power vs Force. I began my spiritual quest several years ago because something seemed missing from my perception of the world and my understanding of God.

I was always frustrated by other peoples actions. I was frustrated that people close to me kept making bad decisions that seemed so obvious to me.

At the same time, I was confused by some of the spiritual lessons I was reading. Despite my seeming intellectual understanding of the teachings about God, my life didn't really seem to be improving. I was running around gathering 'facts' thinking that I would piece them together into some type of super-theory that would fill in all the missing pieces.

I searched high and low for years until I picked up Dr. David Hawkins book Power vs. Force. Power vs. Force changed my life. The Truth is always self evident and Power vs. Force instantly made clear many of questions I had about God that I could not find answers too anywhere else.

Dr. David Hawkins revealed that mankind's greatest handicap had been that we had never before been able to discern Truth from falsehood. With a few twists of fate, the potentiality of the whole world changed. kinesiology was revealed as a tool with which Truth could be instantly identified.

I had always been fascinated by Truth and Dr. David R. Hawkins concept of Map of Consciousness put my fascination into the proper context. Truth, with a capital "T" is manifest as our individual alignment with God's will. When properly calibrated with the LOC protocol, Map of Consciousness calibrations reveals if something will take you closer to God or if it is a subtle Ego trap.

Level-of-Consciousness.org is dedicated to Truth. It is my intention to create a searchable database of ideas and objects that allow fellow Truth Seekers to instantly discern that which supports Truth and God in our lives.

Check out TLC yoga, it may help with your spiritual practice.

"All of the Great Teachers throughout the history of our species have merely taught one thing, over and over, in whatever language, at whatever time. All have said, simply: Give up weak attractors for strong attractors." - Dr. David Hawkins

"Judgement day is every day; it is already here and is constant and unending." - Dr. David Hawkins

"The human experience of the Presence of God is the same in all ages, all cultures and all localities" - Dr. David Hawkins

"The Greatest journey begins with the smallest step." - Bryan Wheelock

I've created new type of site for Spiritual Questions and Answers, here is a poem that combines all the major Spiritual Principles.

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